"Once upon a time there was a boy who loved another boy, and his laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering."

kitty jongin with glasses (=^・ェ・^=)

through my chaos. choose: look into my eyes or watch my back.
conceptual kaisoo!editeu


[Orig.] Do Kyungsoo, you're a piece of art.



Who am I to say I want you back?

When you were never mine to give away.

I was waiting for a long long time for you to feel the same.

I haven’t loved you in a long long time

So why do I feel this way?

'We met, I liked you, we talked, we went on a date, we laughed,did you like me? I took your hand, I blushed. You were my boyfriend, we made love, I loved you, we were happy, we were together, did you love me?’  -  kaisoo!AU where Jongin and Kyungsoo run into each other constantly after they broke up. 

❝ Anonymous asked: i love your kaisoo tag any of your tag which involve kaisoo ohhhhhhh

hahaa glad you like it, i’m kind of busy these days so i’m afraid my blog become boring kkkk

❝ Anonymous asked: i use tumblr savior because i don't really like them so it would be better if you tag them umm yeah sorry if i'm annoy you..

oh really? hahaa but they’re cute tho, just consider them as really close friends (bc they r, right?). i don’t ship them so i won’t have any otp-name tag for them ;;) 

❝ 140912 [Incheon airport fanacc] After passing the security, the members were standing inside for a while. When Jongin reached the tables he was bending his waist. Suddenly a hand reached out to smooth his arm from top to down. Cos smthg was blocking e fan’s view so she couldn’t see who was it. She peeked her head inside and realized, haha, that person was Kyungsoo. via: Yeoninininini

❝ Anonymous asked: Can you tag your chansoo post?

i did tho keke sr if you have problem finding chansoo on my blog but i prefer tag them like that ;///;

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